Jon Grant campaign joining the Stop the Sweeps City Hall Campout

At a moment when our communities are in crisis, wherein 4,000 people live unsheltered in Seattle and corporations are expanding rapidly but not paying back their community, now we find hope where it always is most powerful: in our strength together.

Today the Jon Grant campaign is demonstrating at 4 p.m. at the Stop The Sweeps City Hall Campout, joining a coalition of organizers, community leaders and organizations in demanding we work together and fund a basic right we all should be entitled to: a home. It feels right, at the end of a long campaign for Seattle City Council, to return to the community roots that drove us to this fight to begin with.

Throughout our campaign we’ve protested sweeps with residents of the Field, at Spokane Street and in West Seattle. We enfranchised our houseless neighbors through the Democracy Voucher program and testified with them at City Hall. We joined the Housing For All coalition and introduced our own proposed initiative to build 5,000 homes for the homeless in 5 years. We’ve organized our own supporters in support of the HOMES tax, even as other candidates for City Council and mayor have waffled.

“Unlike his opponent, Jon has stood with us all along,” said Courtney O’Toole, homelessness advocate. “We need politicians and electeds who will put their bodies where their rhetoric is. We’re tired of our politicians claiming to care about the wellbeing of our homeless neighbors but refusing to stand with the community on their needs.”

Now, we bring this fight to the very doorstep of our city. No one in Seattle has been able to ignore the growing crisis of homelessness, while we see increases in both our rents and the number of homeless people living outside. We won’t wait any longer for empty rhetoric from our elected officials. Today, we demand that our city councilmembers be truly accountable to our community and put their money where their mouth is.