Sawant endorses Jon Grant; both pushing affordable housing proposal

Sawant endorses Jon Grant; both pushing affordable housing proposal

City Councilmember Kshama Sawant endorsed Jon Grant for City Council Position 8 as they proposed an affordable housing platform that would create thousands of new affordable homes in Seattle.

“Our city is in a crisis. We need a broad-based coalition of independents, greens, socialists and progressive Democrats working together to demand a new approach to housing in Seattle,” Grant said. “I’m running for office because I believe we need elected leaders willing to respond to our housing crisis with the urgency it deserves. Seattle cannot settle for the same transactional politics that convenes stakeholder groups of the rich and powerful. Our city is home to some of the wealthiest corporations: it is time our community asks them to pay their fair share instead of relying on regressive taxes that pushes people out of their homes.”

Grant and Sawant are both calling for an increased tax on Seattle’s biggest corporations. Revenue from that increase would pay for thousands of new affordable units for low-income people.

Grant has led the way in these conversations about affordable housing, insisting that 25 percent of new development need to be affordable, instead of the current low requirement of only 2 percent in parts of the city.

Grant and Sawant have a history of working together as tenant advocates, and Sawant announced her endorsement of Grant today.

“Councilmember Sawant has been a leader for working people in our city and I’m proud to receive her endorsement for my candidacy for Seattle City Council. While I was at the Tenants Union we worked together alongside public housing tenants to block 500% rent increases on Seattle Housing Authority tenants. Her leadership on the council was crucial to protecting these tenants from economic eviction.”

Grant is running a people-powered campaign with more than 90 percent of funds raised brought in through Democracy Vouchers. Grant’s campaign has received the most Democracy Vouchers of any candidate in any race, and has raised the entire primary budget of $150,000 three months before the primary. The average real dollar donation is just $19 per voter, and 95% of all donors reside in Seattle. Grant reports to have over 200 volunteers active in the campaign and is on track to knock on 40,000 doors.