Sally Clark Will Not Run; Grant Will Remain Undeclared

City Council Member Sally Clark announced today she will not run for office again after initially filing to run for the at-large Position 9 Council seat. This comes just after one week from my campaign's announcement that I would run against either her or Council Member Tim Burgess. While there are likely many factors for her decision, it is not hard to do the math and see that having a strong progressive candidate challenge a moderate incumbent directly informed her decision to step aside for new leadership. Our campaign is proud to have played our part to make that happen.

Many people have called me this morning to encourage me to jump in and run for her seat. I have elected to wait before making that decision. There are many other strong progressive voices in our community, and as long as they share my values and support rent stabilization, I would support a different progressive candidate to run for her position. I decided to enter this election to change the politics of our city; and that means making decisions to not just do the easy thing. In this case, that may mean running against Tim Burgess, an incumbent bankrolled by developers, as that may turn out to be the best choice to build the strongest progressive vision for our city. If no viable candidate that shares my priorities enters the race for Position 9, then I will consider a run for the newly open seat.

If you want to support my campaign and make this vision a reality, please donate today. I am committed for stronger tenants rights, more affordable housing, greater police accountability, and campaign finance reform. If elected I will work diligently to change the systems that continually fail us, and that will require a bold change of leadership on the City Council to make it happen.

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