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Police Accountability Reform: The lives and safety of our residents are not negotiable

Elected officials need to take a strong stance on police accountability. Recent legislation passed by City Council is insufficient to address concerns about discipline and accountability. Here are policy changes that would begin the process of police accountability reform.

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Former Councilmember Nick Licata endorses Jon Grant

"Jon has always been a determined advocate for marginalized communities in our city. He was a critical leader at the Tenants Union who helped pass legislation I sponsored to ensure tenants can live in safer and healthier homes," Nick Licata said about his endorsement. 

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Councilmember Lisa Herbold endorses Jon Grant

City Councilmember Lisa Herold endorsed Jon Grant for City Council Position 8, citing Grant's leadership at the Tenants Union and commitment to representing the community.

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City Council candidates ask council to strengthen police accountability reform

Position 8 candidates Jon Grant, Sheley Seacrest and Mac McGregor sign joint letter to City Council calling for stronger police accountability legislation.

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Sawant endorses Jon Grant; both pushing affordable housing proposal

City Councilmember Kshama Sawant endorsed Jon Grant for City Council Position 8 as they proposed an affordable housing platform that would create thousands of new affordable homes in Seattle.

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Statement on Mayor Murray to Step Down

Jon Grant calls on Mayor Ed Murray to resign following weeks of sexual abuse allegations.

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Erin Fenner
Communications Manager