Jon Grant Concession Statement

Today I announced my concession to my opponent for Seattle City Council Position 8. But in truth, it doesn’t feel like a concession knowing that the people who came together to support our campaign can claim concrete victories this year for many progressive causes. Together, we moved the body politic of Seattle and showed that a community driven campaign led by women, workers, students, people of color, tenants facing rent hikes, transit riders, people with disabilities, LGBTQ folks, teachers, and more, are a political force that must be reckoned with. And we wouldn't have had it any other way.

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Leaked Landlord Newsletter Bemoans $15 Wage, Declares Grant “Disaster for the industry.”

How worried is the landlord industry about having the former head of the Tenants Union on the Seattle City Council? Very worried. According to the Rental Housing Association of Washington (RHA), which is one of the most powerful landlord trade associations in our state:

“Mr. Burgess’ opponent, Jonathan Grant, worked most recently as Executive Director of the Tenants Union – a position he vacated to run for Council. Mr. Grant represents the worst option for Council not named Kshama Sawant.”

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Join us for our election night party!

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It's finally here! Join us as we celebrate this election. This is not just a celebration of the results. It's a celebration of YOU! We have had amazing support from volunteers along the way, so let's raise a glass to all your hard work! We have also had people who have made contributions and spread the word about the campaign through their networks. This has all been so important to getting us to where we are right now. We couldn't do it without you! So join us as we hold our breath from 8pm to 8:15 (ish) as we wait for the numbers to roll in! 

When: Tuesday, Nov. 3rd @ 7pm

Where: Bar Sue @ 1407 14th Ave, Seattle, WA

*Bar Sue has ADA access and is all ages.

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Letter: Restore Sawant & Licata Rent Control Resolution Language

Grant_Letterhead.jpgCouncil President Tim Burgess,
Seattle City Council Members
City of Seattle
600 Fourth Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

RE: Restore Sawant & Licata Rent Control Resolution Language

Dear Council President Burgess, and Seattle City Council,

I am pleased that once again Council President Tim Burgess has been able to change his position on a critical progressive issue, this time lifting the ban on rent control, after years of inaction with our city’s skyrocketing rents.

This is not the first time Mr. Burgess has changed his position just this year to appear more progressive; he switched his position to support campaign finance reform, reversed his vote on a resolution opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership, he finally voted to establish homeless encampments, stated support to re-establish the Employee Hours Tax after he led the effort to repeal it, and more. After eight years in office Seattle is finally getting the progressive voice from Mr. Burgess for which they have been waiting.

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Let's Take Bold Steps to End Gender Pay Inequity

Women must receive equal pay for equal work, but this is not a reality in our city. Seattle has the widest gender pay gap of any other municipality in the nation, and this gap widens further for women of color and transgender women. Paying women at comparable rates as men would reduce the poverty rate for our city, and would advance gender and racial equity. Raising the minimum wage was a crucial step towards ending the gender wage gap, but the work does not stop there.

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You're Invited! Join Us in the Fight for a Progressive City Council!

It is no secret that we are going up against the most conservative and moneyed incumbent on the Seattle City Council. My opponent has raised almost $300,000 from developers, big business, and banks. I have made a pledge not to accept any money from corporations or developers. 

That means I need your support to win. 

Please join me on October 16th from 7pm - 9pm at the Belltown Community Center for a fundraiser for the campaign. But don't come alone! Bring others who can support our campaign! We will be joined by Tim Harris from Real Change News and other community leaders who will share why they support our campaign. 

What: People for Jon Grant Fundraiser
When: October 16th - 7pm to 9pm 
Where: Belltown Community Center (415 Bell St. Seattle, WA 98121)

This is our opportunity to win a solidly progressive seat on the Seattle City Council. We have the chance to create real progressive change in our city, but we need to work together. Come learn how you can help the campaign! 

Register to attend here:

In solidarity, 

Jon Grant

P.S. If you are unable to attend, I hope you will consider contributing to my campaign by visiting my website. Every donation truly adds up. I hope you will also pass this email along to others who may be interested in getting involved. 

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It's time to fire Cynthia Whitlatch


For Immediate Release:

Over 200 instances of excessive force by the Seattle Police Department with not one officer fired, we need to change that culture.

Monday, September 8th, 2015

Seattle - Seattle City Council Candidate Jon Grant called on the Seattle Police Department to follow the Office of Professional Accountability's recommendation that Cynthia Whitlatch's employment be terminated.

"The Seattle Police Department and the City of Seattle need to start taking actions that restore the trust of the community in the police department. This starts with firing Cynthia Whitlatch for inexcusable behavior harassing a 70 year old African American man using a golf club for a cane," said Jon Grant. 

William Wingate, a 69 year old African American man was on his ten mile walk when he was arrested by Cynthia Whitlatch. The incident caught on video does not capture any of the incidents that Cynthia Whitlatch alleges happened that led to the arrest.

 The Office of Professional Accountability which reviews these cases has recommended termination. Civilian Director Pierce Murphy, issued a statement:

“The OPA conducted a thorough and objective investigation into the allegations of bias and improper conduct raised in this case, an investigation that has been certified by both me and the independent civilian OPA Auditor.

“After careful review and consideration of all the evidence, I recommended that the Chief of Police sustain the allegations and end the involved officer’s employment. I stand by the quality and objectivity of OPA’s independent investigation, as well as my recommendations to the Chief.”

In January 2015, the Seattle Police Department apologized to Wingate and dismissed the conviction for unlawful use of a weapon. 

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Open Letter to the Community on Political Leaders & White Allyship


It has been difficult to watch the civic debate play out after Bernie Sander’s visit to Seattle when Black Lives Matter protestors interrupted his speech. Some of the discussion has been very good, but much of it has taken a bad turn. Many are asking, why Bernie Sanders? Isn’t he already on your side? Don’t you know his history on racial justice? Why not Hillary? Are they even real members of the movement?

These questions are misplaced. The question we need to answer is what is the role of the white politician in the era of institutionalized racism that hides behind a myth of being color-blind? Many white people agree that police violence should be addressed, but many felt targeting Bernie was wrong. Bernie is a truth-teller, and it is a rare thing for voters to get to hear a candidate who can so eloquently speak truth to power. But he has also faltered on the campaign trail to address racial justice until this point. He has been rightfully criticized for exclusively focusing his campaign through an economic justice lens. This ignores the system of institutionalized racism that reproduces state violence against black lives that is not just a result of income inequality.

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SEIU 925 Endorses Jon Grant for Seattle City Council!


I am very proud to be endorsed by SEIU 925, a powerful union representing education workers across the state, from early learning through higher education as well as workers in local government and nonprofits! The mission of SEIU Local 925 is to win political and economic power for working people to advance the well-being of its members, their families and all working people by developing leaders who are a voice for change in the workplace and solidarity in our communities.

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Retake the 43rd District Endorsement! Tues June 16th!


Next week is the big endorsement vote for the 43rd District Democrats, on Tuesday, June 16th at 7pm!

This is a special re-vote just between Jon Grant and his opponent, Council President Tim Burgess. If you know any other members of the 43rd Dems, please forward this and ask that they join us! In order to vote you must be current on your membership dues (as of 6/6/15) and currently live in the district. Because this is a re-vote, many people don't know to show up so please spread the word to other members!

Here is the location in the U-District:

University Heights Center (upstairs)
5031 University Way NE, Seattle

It will be really close, and one vote could make the difference.

If you have any questions or need help getting there the day of, please contact us at, or call us at 206-353-9740This will be a huge help to the campaign, thank you!

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