Mac McGregor endorses Jon Grant

Mac McGregor, former Position 8 City Council candidate, community activist and educator, endorsed Jon Grant for Seattle City Council Position 8 today.

“Over the course of the Primary Election campaign, I got to know Jon Grant as a fellow candidate, an organizer and as a friend. I saw in him the qualities it takes to make an exceptional city leader,” McGregor said. “He’s dedicated — first and foremost — to standing up for underrepresented communities, and bringing to the table community-driven policies that otherwise are shelved by leaders backed by special interests. Jon and I were the only candidates in the Primary who refused donations from developers, corporations and CEOs. We worked together again to demand greater accountability from our police. Jon put together a compelling set of people-first policies, but also a campaign that demonstrates the value an organizer would bring to the city council. Jon and his team stand up at rallies, talk to voters at the doors and raise their money through small dollar donations and the community-empowering Democracy Voucher program. Jon’s campaign was up against the most expensive city council primary race in Seattle history, and his campaign shows the value of the power of organizing, and that we need to bring the power of organizing to the city council.”

The Jon Grant campaign is honored to receive this endorsement from a community leader who prioritized creating policies and an approach to leadership that lifts up the whole community, instead of allying with powerful interests

“Mac has truly demonstrated the kind of principled and heartfelt leadership our whole team has aspired to,” said Jon Grant. “His catchphrase always rings true “Mac’s Got Your Back”, you know he is going to be on the right side of things and bring compassion and thoughtfulness to every element of his advocacy. We look forward to working with Mac in the future to help the city be welcoming and affordable to all.”