It's time to fire Cynthia Whitlatch


For Immediate Release:

Over 200 instances of excessive force by the Seattle Police Department with not one officer fired, we need to change that culture.

Monday, September 8th, 2015

Seattle - Seattle City Council Candidate Jon Grant called on the Seattle Police Department to follow the Office of Professional Accountability's recommendation that Cynthia Whitlatch's employment be terminated.

"The Seattle Police Department and the City of Seattle need to start taking actions that restore the trust of the community in the police department. This starts with firing Cynthia Whitlatch for inexcusable behavior harassing a 70 year old African American man using a golf club for a cane," said Jon Grant. 

William Wingate, a 69 year old African American man was on his ten mile walk when he was arrested by Cynthia Whitlatch. The incident caught on video does not capture any of the incidents that Cynthia Whitlatch alleges happened that led to the arrest.

 The Office of Professional Accountability which reviews these cases has recommended termination. Civilian Director Pierce Murphy, issued a statement:

“The OPA conducted a thorough and objective investigation into the allegations of bias and improper conduct raised in this case, an investigation that has been certified by both me and the independent civilian OPA Auditor.

“After careful review and consideration of all the evidence, I recommended that the Chief of Police sustain the allegations and end the involved officer’s employment. I stand by the quality and objectivity of OPA’s independent investigation, as well as my recommendations to the Chief.”

In January 2015, the Seattle Police Department apologized to Wingate and dismissed the conviction for unlawful use of a weapon.