Jon Grant calls to double the citywide gun violence tax

Seattle residents are bearing an unfair burden in the fallout from gun violence. The Jon Grant campaign, in holding the gun industry accountable and to increase funding for gun violence research is proposing to double the gun tax.

About 70 percent of the $17 million costs from treating gunshot wounds are paid for by taxpayers, according to 2014 data. Of course, residents also face the more visceral impacts of gun violence. The National Rifle Association has, for far too long, dictated the policy values across our country, and Seattle needs to push back harder. Gun industries need to shoulder the costs of gun violence.

The city is lagging when it comes to funding critical gun violence research through the Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center.

Seattle city leaders projected they could bring $500,000 in revenue from a gun tax, that amounts to $25 per gun and 5 cents per ammunition round, but funds raised fell far short, with less than $200,000 coming in. Grant is proposing to double the tax to $50 per gun and 10 cents per ammunition round, so the gun industry can shoulder some of the costs of gun violence.