The Stranger

"Jon Grant stands apart. He has a healthy skepticism of the free market, a clear focus on the city's most vulnerable residents, and the policy chops to figure out how to radically shift who benefits from this city's rapid growth."

Seattle Weekly

"Everywhere we go, it seems, Jon Grant is there. Whether at a march for black lives or for fossil-fuel divestment, a HALA meeting or a No New Youth Jail protest, a rally for Charleena Lyles or a homeless-encampment sweep, Grant has proven himself both ubiquitous and consistent, painstakingly growing a grassroots campaign that relies on a hell of a lot of real conversations with Seattleites."

Community Leaders*

Lisa Herbold, Seattle City Councilmember

Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Councilmember

Nick Licata, former Seattle City Councilmember

Beverly Aarons, freelancer, renter

Matt Remle, Lakota activist 

Tim Harris, Real Change Founding Director

Alex Becker, former Co-Chair of Seattle Human Rights Commission

Sharon Lee, Founding Executive Director Low-Income Housing Institute

Robby Stern, former labor leader and President of Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action

Travis Thompson, Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition

Kiku Hayashi, Central Area Democratic Activist

Reavy Washington, homeless advocate

Kamau Chege, founder of AllOfUs

Michael Padilla, community organizer

KJ Moon, Transit Riders Union

*Organizational titles are for identification purposes only


The Stranger

Seattle Weekly

Seattle Transit Riders Union

SEIU Local 6

Socialist Alternative

Seattle Democratic Socialists of America

Seattle Green Party

Our Revolution Ballard

 UAW 4121

Video Endorsements

Beverly Aarons

Evan Sugden

Kiku Hayashi

KJ Moon

Reavy Washington 

Theresa Scott

Travis Thompson

Vicente Omar Barraza

Yusuf Kabdi

Zena Chew