In solidarity with our immigrant neighbors

Yesterday we learned that the Trump administration will likely announce on Tuesday the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Our campaign is in solidarity with the 800,000 young people nationwide, including over 15,000 in Washington State and over 5,000 in the Seattle Metro Area who will lose protection from deportation and federal work authorization under this critical program. Immigrants are our neighbors, friends, business owners and community members. Just like all of us; undocumented immigrants, including DACA recipients; already call our country home and are indispensable members of our community.

By ending the DACA program, President Trump is stripping over $1 billion in economic growth that would have otherwise benefited citizens and immigrant alike in our state, and is instead pursuing a punitive deportation campaign against undocumented youth, their families, and immigrants writ large. Instead of persecuting young people for whom the United States is the only home they’ve known, we should be shielding them from our broken immigration systems, and creating avenues for to every undocumented immigrant to stay and continue contributing to the communities they are already a part of.

That is why our campaign is committed to protecting and empowering immigrants, including undocumented immigrants, in our community. We are the only campaign in Seattle with concrete policies, crafted by DACA recipients themselves, to mitigate the impact of rescinding DACA on undocumented immigrants in our city. Our immigration platform calls for strengthening sanctuary city protections, increasing funding for legal aid, lowering the risk of employer abuse by removing barriers to employment such as E-Verify, building on the success of the LEAD program to steer young immigrants from arrests that could then lead to deportation, and directing the City to advocate for permanent protection for our undocumented community.

To all our friends and neighbors: we want you to know that we have your back. We understand that politicians in the past have made promises to immigrant communities and failed to deliver. So beyond proposing policy solutions, our campaign is also committed to taking direct action in solidarity to block deportations if necessary. As people of conscience, with the protections and security afforded by our citizenship, we’re ready to put our bodies on the line, on behalf of our neighbors and in service to the values driving our campaign. Rather than succumb to the divisiveness from the White House and allow them to tear us apart, pitting neighbor against neighbor; we will unite and lock our arms together in solidarity. The White House may not be willing to defend DACA or protect the young immigrants who’ve benefited from the program, but together, we can always provide the protection of beloved community.

For any DACA recipients or immigrants who may be worried or confused about this upcoming announcement, we encourage you to use the following resources:

For Immigrants Living in Seattle:


  • If you are considering applying for DACA:


  • To Report the apprehension of a friend or loved one by ICE in Washington State DIAL 1-844-RAID-REP (1-844-724-3737)

For Immigrant Specific Individual Counselling & Mental Health Wellness