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Jon is running for Seattle City Council Position 8.

Jon Grant is the former director of the Tenants Union, previously a housing advocate with nonprofit Solid Ground, a community organizer, and recently worked on the successful passage of I-1433 to raise the state minimum wage.

Over the past decade Jon has been a community leader who has achieved results for important causes in our city. His efforts have help expand protections for domestic violence survivors, prevent the displacement of hundreds of low income families, improve health and safety standards in people’s homes, build a powerful community based organization, and raise wages and require paid sick leave for workers. 

At the heart of all this work is Jon’s belief that movement building is the key to any victory. While at the Tenants Union he heard story after story of a tenant’s health and safety being put at risk because of the negligence of a slumlord–loose wires in an open wall, septic systems flooding homes, black mold in a child’s bedroom. After years of delay by the city to take action because of pressure from the landlord industry, Jon decided that holding slumlords accountable would be the Tenants Union’s highest priority. Families living in deplorable conditions throughout the city were organized and made their voices heard.

After sustained community pressure this resulted in the passage of a proactive rental inspection law that improves the health and safety standards in the homes of over 27,000 Seattleites. It was only when people organized that this change was made possible.